Always in Season: Christmas Product Photography On-the-Go.

Escape the high costs and long waits of traditional studio shoots. Dive seamlessly into the festive season and craft standout Christmas product photography in our app — achieving in minutes what normally takes hours or days!

Christmas product photos created with our app.

Why use our app

Discover the advantages

Stunning Festive Themes

Set your products in Christmas wonderlands with a click.


Achieve professional photography results without the hefty price tag.

Quick Turnaround

Get your Christmas product photos in minutes, not days.

How it works

Easy to get started

Upload product photo

Begin your creative journey by simply uploading a default product photo—no need for professional shots, a quick snap from your phone will do. Just make sure it’s under 5 MB. Whether you’re featuring a cool gadget or a comfy chair, your photo is the starting point for all the magic that follows.

Enter a Christmas prompt text

Next, it’s time to give your product the perfect setting. You can either type in your own prompt text or choose from our curated list of prompt templates. Whether you want a custom scene or a quick, hassle-free option, we’ve got you covered.

Pick your masterpiece photo

Once you’ve completed the first steps, hit ‘Generate’ to get up to 4 visually stunning results. Each one will showcase your product in a unique, eye-catching background. Browse through the options and download the ones you love. It’s that simple!


Ai-Powered photo studio

Instant background change

Transform the appeal and visual context of your product photos effortlessly with our background-changing feature. Gone are the days when you had to struggle with complicated editing tools or settle for monotonous and unattractive backdrops.

Remove photo background

Say goodbye to tedious manual editing! With just a single click, you can instantly isolate your product from its original backdrop, giving you a clean, transparent canvas to work with. Ideal for eCommerce listings, social media posts, or anywhere you want your product to be the star of the show.

Change background color

Convert your product’s background to any color of your choice. With our intuitive tool, you can effortlessly customize and swap out background hues, ensuring your products are showcased at their best. Dive in, and make each product truly pop!

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