How To Write Instagram Captions For A Clothing Business ( 13+ Examples )

Instagram is one of the most used social media networks in the world. According to Similarweb, they have over 6 billion visitors each month.

If you have a fashion brand, you need an Instagram account, or you do not exist.

Creating engaging visual content for your business is already difficult, and you might feel frustrated when it comes to writing more content that will add to your visual content.

Whenever I used to post something new, I always wondered: 

“What caption should I use for this post or what hashtags?” 

“How to make my post more engaging to people so they clearly understand what I’m trying to communicate with them?”

Fortunately, you will no longer need to think about how you can write captions for your clothing business.

Follow the tips from this blog post, and your followers will love everything you upload to your Instagram account.

Why Should Your Brand Include Quality Captions On The Posts

If your brand includes quality captions on its posts, you can take advantage of a significant opportunity to connect with your audience.

Captions are a great way to give your audience a little insight into what your clothing brand thinks. In addition, they are a powerful tool for building relationships with your followers.

Think about it this way: What stops you from scrolling past a post when you scroll through your Instagram feed?

In most cases, there are two things:

It is the image/video that gets your attention, and then the caption makes you want to read more. 

For example, after I check the caption of a post, I like to also check the comments on that post.

A good caption is the difference between someone stopping to read your post and moving on to the next thing in their feed.

So, if you do not include captions within your posts, you miss out on a chance to connect with your audience and build relationships.

Make sure you take the time to write quality captions that will stop your audience in their tracks and make them want to read more from your clothing brand.

A well-written caption can be the difference between an Instagram post that gets ignored and one that goes viral.

Let’s summarise why Instagram captions for clothing brands are essential:

Can humanize your brand – If we feel that the text from a post is talking with us, we are more inclined to interact with that post.

For example, imagine that you are a brand that sells shoes.

In a new Instagram post, you describe a pair of shoes, and at the end of the caption, you ask your readers, “Where would you wear this new pair of shoes?”.

The caption makes the reader understand that a human being wrote it.

If I need tips and tricks about how to wear shoes, I will likely follow this account and become a customer of the brand.

Personalize your posts – Stand out from the competition

Including quality information will differentiate your posts from other accounts.

If you have a fantastic image or video and a perfect caption, it will encourage interaction and discussion.

Sharing honest, transparent and personalized stories will show your followers that your brand is a trustworthy source for information and fashion.

Increase your brand reach – If your brand writes interesting and engaging captions, you will encourage your followers to share their posts with their friends and followers.

In this way, you can increase the reach of the brand’s message.

More engagement with your social media account means, more potential customers.

Tips To Write The Perfect Captions For Your Posts

Keep it short and sweet.

Your caption should be short enough that people can easily read it, but long enough that you can include a strong message or call to action.

No one wants to read a long, boring and hard to read paragraph in a caption.

If you need an app that will help you write bold and clear Instagram captions, check the Hemmingway app

Use emojis and hashtags.

Emojis can help break up your caption and make it more visually appealing.

Hashtags can help people find your post if they’re searching for specific topics.

Do not overuse emojis and hashtags, or your fashion business will look unprofessional.

Write like you speak.

Your caption should sound like something you would say in real life.

Do not use technical words or quotes that you found in philosophy books.

Be more relatable and down-to-earth, and you will appeal to more readers.

Be creative.

Think outside the box when it comes to your caption. Be creative and have fun with it!

You will never know what will resonate with your followers.

What does “be creative” mean?

Use rhymes, puns ( humour )

Tell a story.

People love stories, so why not use your caption to tell one? A good story will help make your post more memorable and engaging.

“Is there a coffee chat between your company’s personnel” make a picture, write a caption and put it on Instagram.

“Is your company working on a new clothing line?” document the process and upload it on Instagram.

Your fashion brand will feel more human by telling stories through the posts.

Avoid grammar mistakes

This an obvious tip, but unless you do it on purpose so people can correct your mistake and engage with your post, try to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.


The best thing you can do is use an app that can help. My day-to-day suggestion is Grammarly.

Follow these tips and your company be well on their way to writing the perfect caption for their next Instagram post. Help your company boost their engagement and reach.

The Difference Between A Good And A Bad Caption

Let’s recap some of the good and bad things to use or not to use in a caption text:

Good things to do

  • Tell stories
  • Use emojis and hashtags
  • Be human

Bad things to do

  • Use random psychology quotes on all posts
  • Overuse of emojis or hashtags
  • You only sell but never educate

Instagram Captions Examples From Famous Clothing Brands

It would have been easier to write captions which you can copy and use inside your posts, but copying captions will not help your company differentiate from other companies which copy the same Instagram captions.

Fortunately, the goal of this blog post is to help you find inspiration and create a unique social media presence.

Below you can find some of the most popular fashion brands in the world and some examples from their Instagram posts.


asos instagram caption example

Post which announces Halloween.

Great use of emojis, and it has a call to action.

You will want to check their clothes collection if you are preparing for a Halloween party.


bohoo instagram caption example

This is an excellent example of an engaging post which invites followers to tag funny people from their life.

Your followers can engage with the post, and others might also hear funny stuff.


coach instagram caption example

Create an event and let people know about it in a creative way.


gap instagram caption example

Uses a funny caption to capture the attention of the reader.

Levi Strauss

levi strauss instagram caption example

Fantastic story about the company’s focus on quality, and check out the first comment.

Michael Kors

michael kors instagram caption example

Double rhyme, a friendly call to action and a single hashtag use. This is a perfect caption!

Net A Porter

net a porter instagram caption example

The description of this post invites followers to learn how to wear the latest spring and summer 2023 trends. Educates followers and has a call to action.


nike instagram caption example

Inspirational caption with a call to action.


nordstrom instagram caption example

This post tells people that Christmas is coming. Who doesn’t love Christmas?

Old Navy

old navy instagram caption example

Invites people to the conversation. If you love your sherpa clothes, you will join the discussion.


pangaia instagram caption example

Story caption.

Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren instagram caption example

Showcase how people wear your brand’s clothing.

Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger instagram caption example

Nice use of a rhyme.


As you can see, inspiration is everywhere.

If you lack creativity, don’t worry, there are solutions to help you in any situation.

The easiest thing you can do is follow a few famous fashion brands, and you will find ideas to write content for your Instagram posts.

Remember that, at first, you do not need to create the perfect captions. You will get better with time and practice.

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