How To Write eCommerce Shoe Descriptions: Beginner’s Guide

If you are in the business of selling shoes online, you know that effective shoe descriptions are crucial to making sales.

You also know that writing good descriptions can be difficult, especially if you are starting a shoes ecommerce business.

This blog post will give you tips and tricks on writing informative shoe descriptions that will help you sell more shoes.

We will highlight the importance of a good shoe product copy which will help you differentiate from the competition.

By the end of this guide, you will be able to write descriptions that will make shoppers want to buy your shoes.

Table of Contents

What to include in a shoe description

Write a catchy headline that accurately reflects the shoe.

When a customer opens the shoe product listing of your eCommerce website for the first time, the first thing that pops up is the product image, then the title and the description.

The title will complement the image and help the potential customer understand what the shoe is about before reading the description.

A good shoe product headline can also help Google index your product on the first page for the long tail keyword you include in the title.

For example, if you sell a pair of branded running shoes from Nike, you can write something like: “Men’s Nike Road Running Shoes – Revolution 6 Next Nature.”

Men’s – which gender can use the product

Nike – which brand are the shoes

Road Running Shoes – what they are best for

Revolution 6 Next Nature – If the customer is a big fan of Nike and this product is a new version, this will stand out immediately.

Men’s Nike Road Running Shoes – This can be the longtail keyword.

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Use strong adjectives to describe the product

It is important to use language that will appeal to the senses. 

Strong adjectives can go a long way in making your product sound more appealing. 

For example, if you are selling a new pair of shoes, you might want to describe them as being “sleek”, “stylish”, “comfortable” or “durable”. 

Using strong adjectives can also help to set your product apart from the competition. 

How to come up with adjectives that appeal to your ideal customer?

  • Check synonym websites like Here you can find some synonyms for the “sleek” word
  • Check forums like Reddit or questions and answer websites like Quora.

The r/shoes sub-reddit has 540000 members and there are lots of discussions about shoes. Read some of the most popular posts and see what adjectives people use when they describe shoes.

  • Go onto big and popular brand’s sites and see what they use.

Write in an active voice

There are a few reasons why writing in an active voice when describing a product is essential.

For one, using an active voice makes your writing sound more alive and engaging.

Additionally, it can help to clarify the subject of your sentence, as well as the object.

When you write in an active voice, you make the subject of your sentence do the verb’s action, which helps your reader understand who or what the action is and makes your writing clear.

For example, if you want to describe a new pair of shoes:

“These running shoes have a sleek design” is written in an active voice. 

“The design of these running shoes is sleek.” is written in a passive voice.

Which of the above sounds better?

Finally, an active voice is typically more concise than a passive voice, which can be important when you want to save “words length” space in your shoe product description writing.

In the world of copywriting, you should avoid passive voice as it can make the description sound dull and uninteresting.

Describe the following:

Where to wear the shoes?

All customers buy shoes for a reason.

Maybe they want to use them for training, or perhaps they have a new pair of navy pants and want to style them perfectly, or maybe the end of the year prom will require a fancy pair of shoes that will match the long fairy-tale dress.

Make sure to write the product description where the customer can wear the shoes.

“This pair of running shoes and the athletic track are best friends.”

“Match these high-heel shoes with your fancy long evening dress.”

How the shoes feel when you wear them, including their comfort level

Does it feel like you do not wear anything, or maybe it will improve your height ( which most of us want, right ? )

Nike does a great job in their shoe descriptions:

For example, here is a short paragraph from a running shoe product description:

“We know comfort is key to a successful run, so we made sure your steps are cushioned and flexible for a soft ride.”

The above shoes make their customers feel comfortable and are vital to no pain in the legs at the end of your running.

How do the shoes look in person?

People buy stuff out of instinct because they like a product or the price is reasonable.

When the product arrives, you do not want your shoes returned because they look different.

Specify how the shoes look in person in the description and if they look different in reality compared to the photos.

It’s not mandatory to explain how the shoes look in person if you have great photos and a video, but your customer will thank you.

Specify product details including color, style, sizes

Be sure to include essential details such as the color, style, and sizes.

Mention the exact colors that the shoe has. Because of the light, it might not be visible in the photos, or the monitor brightness on the customer’s device will show different color in the pictures than currently available.

Please write about the style because photos might not reveal the exact product you get in person.

Please include as many details as possible to ensure that customers know exactly what they get when purchasing your shoes.

Tips for coming up with creative ways to describe shoes

If you still need inspiration there are a few more ways to come up with good shoe product descriptions.

Brainstorm a list of words that describe the shoes

For example, let’s take a pair of running shoes: running, comfortable, light weight, tarmac friendly, breathable

Think about what the shoes say about your personality and style, such as “confident,” “unique,” or ” fashionable.”

Come up with metaphors and similes that compare shoes to other things

“feel like Angelina Jolie on the red carpet”

“run like Usain Bolt”

here’s to new beginnings between you and the tarmac”

soft as a cloud or the color is as bright as the sun.”

Go onto popular websites that have reviews and read what people say

How to do that?

Go onto the most popular eCommerce website in the world, Amazon, and read customer reviews on the shoe products from your niche.

Get inspiration from the words that real people use.

You can also use shoe websites like Macys to see what reviews people left on their products.

The idea is to search for shoes websites which have reviews from real customers.

The do’s and don’ts of writing shoes descriptions


  • Make sure your grammar and spelling is on point 
  • Use strong adjectives to describe the shoes 
  • Give the reader a sense of what the shoes are like to wear
  • Where can the customer wear the shoes
  • ​​What makes this shoe special? Is it comfortable? Is it durable? Is it stylish?
  • Focus on benefits
  • Write about the style, the color, the size and the price


  • Using clichés or overused phrases
  • Being to vague
  • Using passive voice a lot

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be able to write effective, persuasive shoe descriptions that will sell your shoes in no time!

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