How To Write Product Descriptions For WooCommerce Like A Pro

Copywriting is not an easy task, and eCommerce is complicated. You probably agree with these statements.

Do you also waste a lot of time trying to write product descriptions for your WooCommerce store

Do you spend a lot of money by hiring expensive copywriters?

In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can create killer product descriptions.

Help your visitors understand your selling offer better and buy more from your shop.

Table of Contents

Why are product descriptions important for WooCommerce stores?

First, let’s see what an eCommerce product page should contain.

Images – showcase your product from different angles

Video ( Optional ) – it can be a short testimonial from a customer or maybe a 360-degree view.

Product Title – This helps the customer understand what the product is and can help with the click-through rate.

Description – Helps the customer understand what they buy

Reviews – Gives credibility to the product

We will only discuss in this post about production descriptions.

So, why do we need one?

Protect your eCommerce brand

A product description gives all the information shoppers need to purchase and can help customers decide whether the product is right for them.

For example, It will help your customer understand if the product contains anything that can make them allergic. 

If you mention everything about the product in the description and the customer doesn’t read it, it will help you get out of trouble in case something terrible happens.

Less Customer Support

It will help your customer understand what you sell and what they will receive. 

In this situation, you will get less customer support from visitors who want to know more information about the product, or you will have to deal with fewer returns.

Associate your brand with professionalism

If you have professional images, good reviews, and a well-explained product description, your customers will know they will buy from a brand they can trust. 

They will associate professionalism with your shop and know that the product is good.

A unique advantage over competitors

Not all your competitors have well-written product descriptions. 

If a potential customer visits two listings that sell the same product, but one has a good description and the other doesn’t, who do you think might make a sale?

A detailed product description will be a unique advantage against your competition.

Repurpose Content

Use the product description to create Youtube, Tik Tok videos, or social media captions.

Once you invest in describing your product well, you can repurpose the content on several other platforms, attracting more visitors and potential sales.

7 Tips For Writing Better Product Descriptions For WooCommerce

Keep it short and sweet: straight to the point and use simple language.

Nobody wants to read a lot of nonsense when they open a product page.

The description should offer the customer the information they need to understand what they are buying.

It can also help you avoid any legal issues arising from false or misleading advertising about a product.

It should provide enough information to help the customer make an informed decision.

You might wonder what “enough” information is inside a product description.

Usually, it should answer a few questions depending on the product category.

Let’s take a few examples:

Fashion Category – A pair of jeans

Are they any brand, or where are they made? ( Provides credibility )

How can you wear it? ( Helps customers to see if they fit their existing wardrobe or lifestyle )

Is the fabric good enough? ( Are the jeans good enough to wear for one year, or will they pay another $100 after one month )

Fashion Category – A dress description

Are the fabric and color the same as in the product pictures? ( Gives trust )

Where can you wear it? ( If a customer wants a dress for an evening dinner, you might make a sale )

How to dress it? ( Make customer’s life easier by giving a few suggestions ) 

Does your product respect standard sizes? ( If the model wears an M, but usually her dresses are S, you might want to mention that )

When you write a product description, you want to help the customer to make the best decision because a happy customer can bring in more sales.

You can create a product description by answering helpful questions about your product.

It should be free of grammar and spelling errors.

Even if this seems obvious, you can still find websites where there are grammar and spelling mistakes in the product title or description.

How can you avoid that?

If the text is not in English, you can ask 1-2 friends to read them out loud and see if they find any errors.

If the text is in English, you can use Grammarly, whether English is your first language or not.

It would be best if you wrote in a way that is easy to understand.

You are also a customer of different products.

If you do not know a particular topic, do you like to read jargon when you buy a product, or do you prefer to understand most about the product?

Jargons can also be confusing and off-putting to your customers who are not familiar with them.  

Unless your target audience knows the jargon, keep your product description easy to read for a wider audience.

It should be persuasive without being overly salesy.

When we read a sales text, we do not like it if a product promises more than what it offers.

Ensure that the product you sell offers what you write and not what you want.

Tell a story and think about the questions your customer wants to be answered when buying a product.

Nobody wants fairy tales but true stories where your customer receives what they read and want.

Tailor the message to your target audience and use positive language.

Use strong adjectives to make your products sound appealing.

Why is using strong adjectives inside your product descriptions important?

Strong adjectives can help you set the tone for the product. 

If you want your product to be seen as luxurious, using words like “elegant” and “refined” can help convey that. 

Second, strong adjectives can also help highlight the features of the product that you want to focus on. If there’s a particular feature that makes your product stand out, using an adjective like “unique” or “innovative” can help draw attention to it. 

Finally, using strong adjectives can also help create a more vivid and memorable description, which can be helpful in getting potential customers to remember your product.

Smartblogger describes these strong adjectives as power words. You can get some inspiration from the following blog post.

Make a list of adjectives that are good for your products and audience and reuse them on and on.

Feel free to use Thesaurus in case you want to find synonyms for the words that you have.

Power words or strong adjectives can be used on social media too.

Highlight the features and benefits

It is always easy to highlight the features of a product because features also translate to technical details, and that is what we know without too much research.

For example, if you write about a t-shirt that is made from 100% cotton fabric. 

You agree that 100% cotton fabric is a feature, but what is the benefit for the customer?

Maybe the fabric helps you with sweaty summer days, or it will have a longer-lasting product, which will help the customer save money.

While the features are common in most of the product descriptions, make sure to also mention the benefits.

Continuing with the above example, you can write in your product descriptions something like: 

“You can wear this t-shirt made from 100% cotton all day long on a hot summer day without getting sweaty” or “This t-shirt made from 100% cotton will save you money from buying another t-shirt in 1 month.”

To conclude this paragraph, each product has a feature and a benefit and make sure to mention both.

Use keywords

Don’t forget to use keywords throughout your product descriptions. 

This will help your products show up in search results, so customers can find you more easily.

While the above statement is more difficult to implement than it sounds, you should keep in mind to use keywords inside your product descriptions.


If you start to do search engine optimization for your eCommerce website, you will not need to revisit your descriptions and update accordingly.

You might also appear on Google or Bing for specific long tail keywords.

Let’s say that you have a dress product. How would you add keywords inside the product descriptions?

Firstly, the title of the product is important. Let’s write it down:

Blue Long Evening Dress For Prom

What will you write in the product description?

Looking for the perfect prom dress? This long blue evening dress is perfect for prom or any other formal occasion…

The keyword that you optimize for here is a “long blue evening dress for prom”.

There is a longer discussion about how you can rank on search engines for specific keywords, but this gives you a good start.

Use reviews ( Optional )

Social proof sells.

According to Trustpilot, 54% of people are more likely to buy if they read more than ten positive reviews.

If there are happy people with your product, there is a chance that more will buy.

If you are just starting out, I imagine you do not have reviews for your products, but if you have at least one customer, ask for a review in exchange for a small discount on the next order.

Once you have the review, add it to the product description.


Now that we are at the end of this blog post, I want to recap some things you should keep in mind when you write product descriptions for your WooCommerce store.

Ask yourself questions you think your customers might ask about your product – Answering these might be enough to create 100 – 200 words product descriptions.

Explain features with benefits – Let your customers know why the product is a blessing in their lives.

Do not use difficult vocabulary – Use easy-to-understand language. Explain your product like you would talk to five year old.

If you use at least these three rules when you write the product descriptions for your WooCommerce website, I think you will create a helpful resource for your customers.

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