Master The Art of Writing Dress Descriptions That Sell

Incomplete dress descriptions are some of the main reasons why most dress brands miss out on attracting customers.

It is not an easy task to explain the product perfectly, but this blog post will try to do that.

The key is to know a good balance between all the ingredients that make up the perfect product listing.

Things to Know Before You Start Writing a Dress Description

Before you dive in to explore the main “ingredients” of a dress description, you must ask yourself the three most important questions.

These questions will help you understand your market even better.

Who Is My Audience?

Make accurate notes about your audience. The first thing to note down is the age group you are targeting.

Another thing you need to make clear is the class of audience you are selling dresses to.

For example, can only the wealthy afford your dresses? Or are the dresses a pocket-friendly option for all types of people?

Who is My Competition?

Being aware of your competition is the most remarkable marketing technique.

First, pick out the top 5 brands that you feel pose a threat to you. Then, make sure you research them as much as you can.

Please look at how they have presented the features and the uniqueness of their dress in the description.

Knowing the cards your competition plays can help you stand out from them.

How Can I Create Better Dress Descriptions Than My Competition?

When you research your competition, there are many things that you unveil.

First, find out the strengths and tactics they employ to get a large number of customers. This way, you can use similar strategies to your benefit.

Your competition’s weakness is another critical factor you learn through this. Please list all the aspects your competition lacks in their dress descriptions.

For example, imagine you want to buy a dress from your competitors. What they do not describe adequately, and you would like to know?

Once you know the weaknesses, you can ensure you do not repeat those same mistakes.

You can edit your dress descriptions accordingly to ensure your customers get the right information.

10 Tips to Create Dress Descriptions That Attract Online Buyers

After you have a base knowledge about your target market and competition it is time to examine the key elements that form an excellent dress description. 

Think from the customer’s perspective

Knowing your audience helps you to step into their shoes. You can thus make your dress descriptions specific to your audience.

Think only about your ideal customer.

What would they want to hear? What would make them buy your dress?

Thinking from their perspective helps you provide answers to the questions they might ask. Then, when your customers find all the answers in your dress descriptions, they will buy from your brand.

Create a voice for your brand

With your dress description, you can convey a voice for your brand.

It is vital to stay consistent with your brand voice.

If your brand voice is humorous, maintain humour throughout the dress description.

Add a Personal touch

Show your customers a glance into your journey and mission.

Break the traditional buyer and seller relationship and make your customers feel a part of the process.

It will increase the relationship between the buyer and seller. Moreover, it encourages customers to buy from your brands.

Mention Enticing benefits

While the norm for every dress description is to include the features, ensure that you do not overstuff that information.

Instead, you should include the benefits the customer will likely gain from your dress.

Ensure you provide a concise outlook on how your customer may benefit from the dress.

When customers know the competitive advantages they can receive from your product, it can help influence their buying decisions.

Stay with the trend

People follow trends like wildfire. If something is trendy, then they want it. Your task is to convince the buyer that your dresses are in the latest trends.

Talk about how your brand updates with the latest trends. Inform the customers how the dress fits the current seasonal trend.

Another way to master this is to give advice. Include other items from your collection that would look great with the dress you are selling.

Mention them at the end of your dress description. This technique increases your overall sales. Moreover, it will also form a bond of trust between you and the customer.

Focus on an easy to read structure

Your product description must be easy to read. It is one of the most crucial elements.

The description structure has to be scannable by the human eye in just a few seconds. Separate your content into readable chunks. Divide the content into several paragraphs.

It is better if your paragraphs are not longer than 2 to 3 sentences. 

In addition, you can also include lots of bullet points when stating the dresses’ features or benefits. Bullet points improve readability. They also enable customers to absorb bulk information through the least amount of reading.

Another format feature to pay attention to is fonts. Again, there is no need to choose complex and intricate fonts.

Instead, you can select easy-to-read fonts that would assist the reading criteria of customers. 

Use luring adjectives

The best part about adjectives is that they have the power of convincing. Including luring adjectives in your dress description is your greatest asset. They captivate the attention of the customers.

Most women spend hours shopping. Women search for clothes that would make them look the best. Thus, you must include charming and alluring words to entrap them in your dress descriptions.

Make women imagine themselves in the dresses you are selling. Once they have pictured themselves in your clothing, it increases their chances of buying from your brand.

Use keywords for search engine optimization or SEO

Search engine discovery is one of the most fantastic tips to attract a pool of customers when selling online.

You might need to add keywords related to your product in your product listing to appear in Google’s rankings.

For example, how would people search on Google if they would look for your dress?

Keep in mind that keyword overload might have an adverse impact. Therefore, you must focus on an ideal keyword density.

The keyword density helps you determine the number of times a keyword appears in the dress description.

You must include the keyword once in your title as well.

This way, your product url might appear on the search engine when the customer types a specific keyword which matches your product.

Besides the keyword, you can also include other phrases that the customer may type into the search engine, increasing your chances of popping up in the search results.

The keywords will allow your customers to use the search engine from your website to find products that they want.

Show proof from your existing customers

Seeing is believing.

You can include all praises for your brand in your dress description.

The best form of Proof is customer reviews.

When your customers see that other customers have been happy with your service and product quality, they become eager to buy from you. Therefore, customer reviews play an essential role in governing customers’ buying decisions.

Avoid difficult language or Jargon

It is very tempting to include all the details about your dress in the description. However, not all the information helps your audience. Make sure to avoid jargon at all costs.

If your customers do not know what the technical terms mean, they will not be able to benefit from them.

Where do you find dress descriptions inspiration?

Description Templates

Product description templates can help you write product descriptions for your dresses.

They are ready-made models that you can edit according to your preferences. In addition, their editing features make it easy to include your product characteristics.

The description templates can aid you in accomplishing your goal of writing the most comprehensive dress descriptions for your brand.

Attend a course

Several eCommerce courses online help you get started with copywriting. They teach you from scratch and give short assignments so that you can understand them better.

Moreover, these courses have a group of like-minded people as well. You can drop in your query in one of these groups. Then someone who has the answer to your question will send you a detailed solution to help you out. 

In this way, you always have help at hand. Therefore, you do not need to panic if you get stuck at some point in the writing process.

Reuse Customer Generated Content

Customer-generated content refers to buyers creating specific content for your brand’s products. It can be through social media, Youtube product videos reviews, etc. 

You can generate ideas to include in your dress descriptions through user-generated content. For example, spot the main features that your customers are praising. These can be included in the dress descriptions to provide new customers with an all-rounded description.

Dress descriptions examples

If you still lack inspiration, we created a few dress description examples. Feel free to copy and use them for your products. As an inspiration we used some of the most popular dresses on Amazon.

Women’s Casual Loose Sundress Long Dress Sleeveless Split Maxi Dresses Summer Beach Dress with Pockets

dress description example one

This dress is perfect for hot summer days! Looking for a summer dress that will make you stand out from the rest? Look no further than this 35% cotton + 65% polyester + 5% spandex maxi dress!

It’s made from a light, breathable cotton-polyester blend fabric with a hint of spandex for stretch. The tie closure allows you to adjust the fit, and the hand-wash-only care is easy.

The dress is available in four colors: solid, floral print, rainbow print, and boho-style print.

The length is just below the knee, and the sleeveless, crew-neck design is perfect for showing off your sun-kissed skin.

The side slit adds a touch of sexiness, and the loose fit is both comfortable and flattering.

Whether you’re headed to the beach or a backyard barbecue, this dress is sure to keep you cool and stylish all summer long!

Women’s High Neck Split Bodycon Mermaid Evening Cocktail Long Dress

dress description example two

Looking for a luxurious and elegant dress that will make you stand out at your next formal event? Look no further than this stunning high neck split bodycon mermaid evening cocktail long dress!

Made from a polyester and spandex blend, this dress is stretchy and comfortable, making it perfect for dancing the night away.

The elastic closure ensures a perfect fit, while the split bodycon design flatters your figure.

The mermaid silhouette is ultrafeminine and glam, while the high neckline adds a touch of sophistication.

This dress is perfect for any formal occasion, from weddings to cocktail parties. It‘s also suitable for all seasons simply style it with a windbreaker or woolen coat in cooler months.

Whether you‘re looking to make a statement or turn heads, this dress is sure to do the trick!

Wedding Dress Lace Double V-Neck Sleeveless Evening Dress

dress description example three

Looking for a breathtaking wedding dress that will make you feel like a princess on your big day?

Look no further than this stunning double Vneck lace sleeveless evening dress!

Made in Italy from the finest quality materials, this dress features beautiful lace appliques, chiffon, and sequin and beading details.

The Aline silhouette is flattering for all body types, and the floorlength skirt is sure to make you feel like a queen.

The zipper closure makes it easy to get into, and the hand wash only care instructions ensure that your dress will stay looking its best for years to come.

Choose from Ivory or White to perfectly match your wedding theme, and get ready to wow your guests on the most important day of your life!

Peplum Bodycon Short Sleeve Bow Club Ruffle Pencil Party Dress

dress descriptions example four

This is the perfect dress for any woman who wants to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.

The peplum short sleeve ruffle pencil party dress is made of high quality spandex and polyester, and features a back zipper closure and a little bit of stretch for a perfect fit.

The peplum design and side ruffle make this dress perfect for any formal occasion, while the turtle neck adds a touch of elegance.

Whether you‘re meeting clients or heading out for drinks with friends, this dress is sure to turn heads.

One Shoulder Sleeveless Knot Ruffled Hem Flowy Bohemian Maxi Dresses

dress descriptions model example five

This One Shoulder Sleeveless Knot Ruffled Hem Flower Bohemian Maxi Dress is perfect for summer!

It is made of a lightweight and soft polyester material that is friendly to the skin and gives you a light and cozy wearing experience.

This dress is quite flowy and not heavy to wear.

It features a unique one shoulder design with a ruffled hem and a knot detail. The dress is available in five colors: coffee, black, yellow, black and white, and green.

The tiered maxi dress is perfect for any summer occasion, from the beach to a wedding. With its versatile style, you can dress it up or down to suit your needs.

So don‘t wait any longer, order yours today!

What to do after you write the perfect dress description?

Once you have created the perfect dress description, there is one more thing left. Promote, promote, and promote your brand’s dresses.

Make sure that your boutique reaches a your target audience.


Now that you know how to write dress descriptions keep one thing in mind.

Step by step, go back and forth with each element from this blog post.

First, Create a rough draft of the dress product description.

Once your draft is ready, re-check whether you have covered all its key factors. If not, verify what is missing and update it.

If the description seems right, ensure the formatting is correct, and then publish it with your product listing.

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